North Georgia Elf Works

Many years ago in a land far far away, actually another galaxy which is referred to as University of Florida, Thomas, my husband drank the magic potion which turned him from research technician and student to a man of woodworking or in our native tongue, an Elf.

Today we inhabit the North Georgia mountains where we design and manufacture all of our hand made unfinished toys, to the uneducated that means no paint containing lead or any other finishing chemical product. We also have many other great gifts.  So, get comfortable and start clicking and reviewing our offerings.  Have a great “Mellifluous Elf Day!”    Oh yes, please do come and visit our wonderful playful store in the Sautee Valley.


Who are the Elves?

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Sound   Effects

Sound    Effects

Click here for the other stores in our beautiful shopping area. And take a look on Elfmade Wooden Toys Facebook page.  ✸ THANK YOU ✸

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